Kinds of Women’s Fashion Footwear

Looking fashionable and trendy is what most girls want to be while they are in school or college. A host of different items such as dress, ornaments, cosmetic equipments and designer shoes can aid a girl achieve a personalized fashion statement. It’s almost a challenge for designers to meet this ever growing need for fashion footwear among girls. Being trendy and contemporary is what every fashion footwear designer strives for. Here are some of the hottest variants that girls might expect to try on this year.


Flats are a popular choice among teens. They are ideal for a wide variety of settings such as school/college, playgrounds and everyday hangouts. They can be worn all day because they are comfortable. They also go well with many different outfits such as skirts, trousers, jeans and sorts. There are many designs and colors to choose from. Even a simply designed one colored flat shoe can exhibit a strong fashion statement if worn with the right adornment.


Boots have always been a popular among girls and are known to evoke a sense of glamor and boldness. Although they do not have multifaceted use like flats they have a special charm. Available in short ankle high (bootie) sizes to ones running up to the thighs they are especially suitable for cool weathers. Boots may be available in a wide variety of designs and trims and the materials used may also vary significantly. They are available in fabrics, leather and plastics. Some boots even have a furry top. While ankle high boots are concealed with trousers or jeans some boots are meant to be worn on the outside, such as the ones running up to the knees. Boots go well with jeans and different types of long and short skirts. Models extensively make use of boots at the ramps.


Trainers are a must have for a trendy girls wardrobe. While trainers are limited to be used for athletic purposes they are amongst the most comfortable. Girls can find their athletic performance soar with a pair of trainers. They are also available in a wide range of colors and imprints to match different tastes and different outfits.

Open toe Shoes:

Common among women in the east open toe shoes are mostly used with dresses such as saris and kurtas. However these days’ girls are also using them extensively with jeans and skirts. Open toe shoes are available with or without heels and are becoming increasingly popular as an outdoor fashion accessory. Some open toe shoes have straps on them which create a special appeal and presence among girls who are obsessed on looking noticeably different. Not to mention that these shoes come in a wide variety of colors and designers studs or attachments on the front.


Sandals are the most common shoes for girls and they are intended mostly for informal use. They go well with almost anything such as sorts or jeans. Some sandals even have different designs and studs that create a unique impression of elegance and class.

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