How to choose Fashion for Plus Size Women

According to plus size supermodel, Liis Windischmann, “Beauty is found in various sizes. We need to stop defining women by size and simply accept that beauty comes in all forms”
The fashion world may be largely biased towards plus size women, but that doesn’t mean designers are going the same way. With many voluptuous women demanding stylish clothes which are hip and trendy, designers are capitalizing on this market by creating fashion apparel meant specifically for the 14+ size.
But they still have a long way to go. Fashion experts are slowly trying to fill the demand for high-end curvy fashion. For women who are petite and plump, getting clothes stitched is another option. By working closely with your tailor, he can design clothes for your body which will fit you like a second glove. It’s not necessary to stick to the rules. You can bend, even break them. If you’re bored with the usual stripes, experiment with vertical elements or look for a shirt with a little embroidery or lace edging on the blouse. If you are purchasing stripes, stick to vertical lines.
Add a blazer or cardigan if you’re going for a monochromatic effect. Accessorize yourself with scarves, pantyhose, belts and jewelry. Look for scarves with long vertical ends. Wear thin belts and avoid big bulky ones. Long necklaces or pendants on a V-neck; add more glamour and suaveness to your attire, giving your neck an elongated finish. Wear heels which have an inch or two of heel in them. If you are petite and a plus sized beauty, go for smaller prints so that your outfit isn’t too overwhelming.
Mix and match always. Don’t be afraid to go for different proportional outfits. Avoid fabrics that will cling to your body so that they do not highlight your curves and make them stand out. Find a signature style for yourself. Once you discover you’re best feature, emphasize it as much as possible. If there are some designs in your wardrobe which you love wearing focus on buying or stitching things similar to them. When accessorizing don’t go overboard, try and complement your figure, not compete with it.
To show off your lovely legs, try a one piece dress, one which will highlight your curves well, silhouetting your figure. Capris and wide trendy pants can make you look skinnier and taller at the same time. Pump these up with high heels for good measure.
With the fashion industry making more room for plus size models and designers joining the bandwagon by starting plus size lines, women who are above a size 12 no longer have to sacrifice fashion trends or quality. But more than the latest trends, you have to feel confident of your body as a woman. Just because a certain trend is all the rage, doesn’t mean it is for you.

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