Which appliances can you buy with a donation?

By donating appliances and kitchen utensils, you can help support the Australian Food Bank.

The ABC is asking you to share your ideas about donating your favourite appliances, and help us find new donors who can benefit from the donations.

You can find the donation requirements and how to donate in the Australian Department of Agriculture’s appliance donation guidelines.

What are the donations required for?

All appliances and appliances that are sold for food, such as dishwashers, stoves, microwave ovens and washing machines, can be donated, regardless of whether they are household appliances or non-traditional household items.

These include dishwashes, washing machines and other kitchen equipment that are used to cook meals.

There are no requirements for other types of household items, such a washing machine, to be donated.

These can include dishwashing machines and washing bags, as well as washing machines that you have owned or used for cleaning purposes.

Do you need a tax receipt to donate?

Donations are tax deductible for the Australian Government, so you won’t have to pay a tax bill if you donate your appliances.

However, the Australian Tax Office (ATO) recommends that you send the appliances in a sealed container to the Australian Federal Government.

The ATO will collect the donation and return the containers to the Department of Human Services (DHS) for collection.

You should keep the receipt for your records and send it to the ATO if you need to return the container.

The receipt can be sent to: The Australian Federal Police (AFP) ATO Canberra, ACT 3040-1000, Phone: 1800 333 000, fax: 1800 666 009, Email: ATO-ATP.govt.au.

If you are a charity, you may also need to contact the Department to collect the tax.

Donations of kitchen appliances must be made by a registered charity, such at the ABC’s Food Donation Station.

If your organisation does not have a registered organisation, you should contact the Australian Human Rights Commission (AHRC).

Donations must be for a single household appliance and are not to be used for the consumption of a household item.

What can I donate?

You can donate any appliances you own or use.

You are also able to donate household appliances you do not own, but which you do own.

The following types of kitchen appliance are considered household appliances and can be used to make meals: dishwasher and dryer (if your kitchen is in the dining room, you cannot donate your dishwasher)