Why are some of the big brands like Amazon and Apple making bad choices in terms of their kitchen appliances?

The Indian tech giants Amazon and Microsoft have been accused of buying up Indian kitchen appliances makers, a trend that has become a concern after a number of major Indian manufacturers were left out of the latest $500 billion global $5 trillion market for consumer electronics.

While Indian companies like Snapdeal, Flipkart, Shopio, Paytm, and others have been aggressively wooing Indian buyers to their products, some of these brands are taking the plunge to boost their brand recognition.

The trend of buying kitchen appliances from Indian companies has also sparked anger and complaints from consumers who say these brands were bought to boost brands in India.

According to a survey conducted by the consumer advisory firm MBI Research, consumers in India have become more sensitive to brands’ quality over the past few years, which in turn is making it harder for them to purchase quality Indian brands.

The survey, which was conducted by MBI India, also showed that the sentiment towards quality of a brand is down to a combination of factors like its quality of service, service level, price, and quality of the products themselves.

For instance, while customers like to feel satisfied with a brand that offers them a good product and has a great reputation, they are also more likely to be satisfied with the quality of an Indian company.

In a survey of 1,000 consumers, MBI found that 67% said that the quality in a brand was of “fair or good quality” and 67% of respondents said that their brand was “at least a good value”.

While some Indian brands are making great strides in this regard, other Indian brands, including those from the likes of Flipkarn and Zee have been making poor decisions.

While Snapdeal is making a big push to make its products in India, Amazon and Amazon itself have been found to be buying up kitchen appliances and accessories from Indian manufacturers.

The latest case of buying Indian appliances from foreign brands has become especially damaging to Indian companies.

While many Indian consumers are sensitive to quality and feel they have a right to know if their products are made in a fair and clean manner, the buying of kitchen appliances has also triggered a backlash from Indian consumers, particularly the middle class and upper-middle class.

This article has been updated on 11 January, 2017.