How to make your kitchen appliances look great in your living room

How to turn an old kitchen appliance into a modern kitchen appliance with these easy steps.1.

Start with a new kitchen cabinet2.

Cut the back off the cabinet to make it look like a new one3.

Place the old cabinet back in the closet4.

Buy some new kitchen equipment to decorate your kitchen5.

Add a new piece of furniture6.

Paint the new piece with paint youve picked out of the cabinets collection7.

Paint a new window on the cabinet8.

Install a door that goes over the cabinet door9.

Use the old window to look out on your kitchen and back garden10.

Paint all the cabinets in your home with paint that has a neutral color to the cabinet9a.

This is a great tutorial for making your kitchen cabinets look like the ones in your photos from your kitchen.1/1/2014 update: I am glad to report that this tutorial has become a hit.

I also learned that if you do not buy the new cabinets you can purchase the old ones to use as a “deterrent” for the new ones.

(It seems that most of my friends who bought cabinets and furniture from the store have been extremely reluctant to buy the newer cabinets.

I think that many of them are trying to find out if they have to do it all over again because they already have a cabinet from the past and they want to make sure it is just as good.)


Make your own kitchen cabinet using wood from your garage or backyard3.

Cut off the old wood cabinet and use it as a base for your new cabinet4.

Paint your new cabinets in a neutral tone5.

Use paint you picked out from your cabinets collection6.

Add some decorative glass to the cabinets7.

Replace the cabinet doors with new glass doors8.

Paint cabinets in shades of white9.

Paint glass over the old cabinets10.

Replace some old kitchen appliances with newer ones11.

Install an old cabinet window12.

Install your new kitchen appliances13.

Add new light fixtures14.

Install new doorposts15.

Paint new counters16.

Paint and finish the cabinets17.

Add old wood trim and furniture18.

Add decorative light fixtures19.

Install kitchen countertops20.

Add more light fixtures21.

Paint doors, cabinets and cabinets22.

Paint over the cabinets and trim23.

Paint windows24.

Add wood trim25.

Add kitchen light fixtures26.

Add lights in the kitchen27.

Add window shade28.

Add the cabinet window to the back of your house29.

Add wall panel to the kitchen30.

Add countertop light fixtures31.

Add doors and door hardware32.

Add shelves33.

Add cabinets to the wall, ceiling and other decorative areas34.

Add floor mat to your new home35.

Add carpeting36.

Add custom carpeting37.

Add fabric in the corner of the kitchen, bedroom and bathroom38.

Add extra curtains to the living room and add a rug39.

Add your own custom wallpaper40.

Add decor for the kitchen floor41.

Add curtains to your kitchen42.

Add an extra bedroom wall for a little privacy43.

Add doorbell in the living space44.

Add rug in the bathroom45.

Add furniture for your kitchen with custom wood finishes46.

Add lighting in the bedroom47.

Add fireplace, a sink, a wall outlet, an extension cord, and more48.

Add to your garage wall with a wood plank, plywood and more49.

Add glass to your front door50.

Add additional curtains for your bathroom51.

Add any of your other decor ideas to your home52.

Add windows to your bathroom with custom metalwork or glass3/4/2020 update: I think I have covered all of my bases.

3/10/2020 Update: I found that my old kitchen cabinets had to be moved out of my garage and I had to buy new cabinets to replace them.

I am very grateful for the great tutorial that was provided for the old kitchen.

I also learned some important tips for making my new kitchen cabinets a little more functional.

 3/3/2020  Update: This tutorial has helped me to make some very cool cabinets.

It also helped me find out a lot about the history of the home that my parents and grandparents used to live in. 3 to 4/24/2020 UPDATE: If you are in the Houston area and want to take your old kitchen cabinet and put it in a new location, this tutorial is for you!

4/27/2020 Updated: I learned that a great kitchen countertop can make an old wood panel look even more stylish and functional.

I used this technique to turn a vintage wooden cabinet into a beautiful countertop for a new living room.

5/3: Updated:   This is an awesome tutorial for adding new finishes to your old wood