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I used to have to keep a watchful eye on my kitchen appliances to make sure they were doing what I wanted them to, but now I’m much more comfortable using my smartphone and tablets to do all of my chores.

Devon Capps is a designer and illustrator who uses the Instagram app and Snapchat app for his designs.

I spoke to him about the benefits of using Instagram and Snapchat, how to get started with them, and what it’s like to be on the receiving end of a bad Snapchat joke.

Devon Cappas Designing for InstagramDevon is a creative designer who loves making cool stuff.

His favorite medium is drawing and photography, and he’s been a prolific artist for over 20 years.

“I started working in Illustrator, and I started getting really into digital and started drawing,” he told me.

“That’s how I made the logo for my studio.

I used a Photoshop tool to do my logo and then I added some text to it.

Then I put a photo of my cats in the background and that was it.

I didn’t have any art tools on hand, so I had to do a lot of drawing and then edit it.”

Devon says that one of the things that makes Instagram a good place to work is that it encourages collaboration and collaboration is what he wants from his work.

“If I’m drawing something, I’m not just going to copy the person I’m working with and do something from that, but I’m also working with the person who drew the thing,” he said.

“There’s no real hierarchy of how much of that is going to be in my drawing, how much is going into my sketch, and how much will be in the actual sketch.”

The same goes for Snapchat, where you’re never told exactly what your work will look like.

“They’re kind of like a photo-sharing app, where if I don’t see a certain photo that I’m going to do, I just don’t do it,” he explained.

“So you don’t know what it is.

There’s no set of guidelines or anything like that.”

Devan said that the most important thing about Snapchat is the fact that you don-t have to worry about having to upload an image.

“You’re not necessarily limited to your computer, and you can just share it,” Devon said.

You can just send it to your friends, but they won’t be able to see it, so they won-t be able a be like, ‘Oh, I should be doing this.’

“If you want to get into the life of a designer, Devon recommends starting with Sketch, which is his favorite design program for creating sketches and images.

He says that Sketch is also a great place to learn about how to do basic design work.

He said that Sketch was “a bit overwhelming” and that it was “hard to learn”.

“It’s very flexible, so if you want something really basic, you can do a sketch, a lot easier than if you’re just going into Illustrator.””

Adobe Illustrator is really good,” he admitted.

“It’s very flexible, so if you want something really basic, you can do a sketch, a lot easier than if you’re just going into Illustrator.”

Devons main advice for aspiring designers is to “just focus on what you really want to do” and then “do what you want.”

“Don’t try to create something for somebody else,” he advised.

“Just do what you’re going to want to be doing.”

Devontas biggest regret about starting his career was not spending more time on the design side.

“When I started, I was really into being a designer,” he recalled.

“And I’m kind of a selfish person.

I want to take care of people, I want them to be happy, I don-want to spend my time on something that’s not important to me.”

Devontas passion is “making stuff,” and he loves working on things that “matter” to him.

“A lot of people are into Instagram and getting their photo taken and they’re just like, I love it.

And then the people who have nothing to do with Instagram, they’re like, No, I can’t do that.”

Devon has had a great time creating for Instagram, but he does have a few tips for aspiring creatives.

“Don-t worry about how much you have to spend,” Devont said.

Devont says that you should spend “one day” a week working on your design, and if you have a deadline, Devont recommends “not being in a rush” and “working on something you’re excited about.”

Devonte and his family live in a large house that has a garage on the outside and a garden outside.

“This is a perfect situation for me,” he says.

“Everything is just perfect.”

The family has a huge garden, and Devonte has been very happy with how it’s turned out.

“In the past I’ve spent so