What’s happening in the UK kitchen appliances industry?

The latest news and reviews from the industry.

1 / 8 Getty Images 2/8 Samsung SmartThings Hub LE | Amazon Alexa-enabled kitchen appliance | Amazon, Samsung, and Amazon are the only brands to use Alexa-powered kitchens, according to a new report.

3/8 Amazon Echo Dot Smart | Echo Dot smart kitchen appliances | Amazon has introduced a new smart kitchen appliance called the Echo Dot.

4/8 Smart home accessories Amazon Alexa | Smart home appliances Amazon has announced an Alexa-led kitchen appliance series that includes the Echo Dots Smart Kitchen and Smart Laundry, as well as a smart lightbulb.

5/8 Echo Dot 2 Amazon | Echo Dot Smart Kitchen appliances Amazon launched the EchoDot smart kitchen products in April.

6/8 Alexa-Enabled Kitchen Appliances Amazon Alexa| Alexa-based kitchen appliances have arrived at Amazon in the form of the Echo Echos Kitchen, Echo Dot, and Echo Dot Prime, Amazon said.

7/8 Philips Hue Smart lightbulbs Philips Hue | Philips Hue bulbs have been updated with Amazon Alexa support.

The Hue bulbs feature a large green LED, Amazon says.

Amazon also offers Hue-powered lights that use a range of smart bulbs, including Philips Hue, as a standalone option.

8/8 Alesis Hue lightbulBrowsers Ales, Amazon, and Philips Hue lightbrowsers will be coming to Amazon Alexa users, Amazon confirmed to The Verge.

9/8 Apple HomeKit HomeKit is a smart home automation system that is powered by the Alexa platform.

HomeKit lets users control lights, thermostats, smart lighting and more with the power of their voice.

10/8 Nest Cam Nest Cam has made a big move to support Amazon Alexa, allowing users to search for and discover products on Amazon through the company’s website and app.

Amazon says it will also enable Alexa-compatible search in its Nest Cam app.

11/8 Roku Streaming Stick Roku | Roku Streaming sticks have become a common home entertainment device for cord cutters and cord-cutters looking to stream music, movies, and TV shows.

Roku Streaming Sticks are compatible with Alexa, Alexa-controlled smart home devices, and SmartThings hubs.

12/8 Google Home Google Home was launched in April, but now Amazon has confirmed that Google Home will also be available to Alexa-driven smart home products.

13/8 Kettle & Bean Kettle& Beans | Amazon Kettle and Bean have introduced the Kettle.

The new kettle is powered with Amazon’s Alexa-supported smart home appliances, as have Amazon’s SmartThings hub.

14/8 TastyKettle Tasty Kettle | Tasty Kitchen appliances | Tastier Kettle has introduced the Tasty Kit, a smart kettle that supports Alexa- and Smart Things-enabled smart home controls.

TastyKit also announced a new line of Kettle-enabled cookware.

15/8 HomeHub HomeHub is a hub for smart home accessories that lets users connect to a variety of devices like lights, appliances, thermoregulators, smart locks, and more.

16/8 The HomeKit Starter Kit The HomeHub Starter Kit is an Amazon-developed home automation platform that includes a number of smart home control devices like Philips Hue and Nest Cam.

Amazon said it will be adding support for Alexa-specific smart home applications and hubs in the future.

17/8 Chromecast Chromecast | Amazon’s Chromecast was launched to support Alexa-branded smart home features, such as lights, switches, and other smart devices.

18/8 Wink Wink | Amazon Echo Show | Amazon added a smart TV control to the Wink Wink, the company announced.

19/8 Hue Lighting Bulbs Hue Lighting | Hue bulbs are the easiest way to control your home’s lighting, with Amazon offering smart bulbs that can be controlled from your smart home device.

Amazon’s Hue bulbs use Amazon Alexa technology.

20/8 New Zealand Amazon Alexa smart kitchen items Amazon launched its first Alexa-focused kitchen products, the Echo Kitchen, the Nest Nest Dimmer and the Smart Locker, Amazon announced in April and June.

Amazon has also announced new smart home appliance offerings.

1/8 Getty Images 5/ 8 Amazon Echo Denim Smart | Amazon is introducing a new voice-controlled kitchen appliance powered by Alexa called the Nest Denim.

6 / 8 Smart home items Amazon Alexa Alexa | Alexa-backed kitchen appliances are coming to the Alexa-connected smart home hub, Amazon.

Amazon confirmed the Echo Denims Smart Kitchen, Smart Luggage and Smart Kitchen Appliance series.

7 / 8 Philips Hue LED kitchen bulbs Philips Hue; Philips Hue lights have been upgraded with Amazon Amazon added support for Hue bulbs to its Philips Hue smart home product line.

Amazon is also introducing the Hue Hue-enabled lights that uses a range the Philips Hue range of Philips Hue-based smart bulbs.

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