‘I am sorry’: What happened to the maids’ dignity

I’m sorry, I’m very sorry.

The maids at this family-run restaurant in India are so proud to be their own people.

They have made this their home, and they have always been able to be the ones to pay for their own meals.

And for the past few years, they have been treated like a disposable commodity.

But when the family-owned Indian restaurant chain was forced to shut down last year, the maid work force had to move on to a new home in Dubai.

For the past five months, I have been living with my family and the maid in a rented apartment, with the expectation that the maid would soon be able to return to the family business.

But for now, we are living in a foreign country, with a very limited internet connection, and the fact that the family is unable to afford to pay the bills.

So I am very sorry, but I have to go back to work.

I am working for a small business in Dubai, which is also in the process of being sold.

The owner of this restaurant is a woman, and she had promised me that she would give me a good job, even though the food is so poor.

I would love to have a better job.

I think I am a very lucky person to be able go to work in Dubai and not only work in a restaurant, but also to live with this family.

And it was her promise to give me the best job I could find, that was the only reason for her to give up the business, and give up this family business, so that we could move on.

But the money is so bad, that we cannot afford to live in the family house.

So, I am sad, but that is the way things are.

But my family needs money.

I have had no income for five months now.

My husband and I are not able to pay our bills, and I have no savings.

We have no money for rent or food, and even the car payments have gone down, so we have no gas or electricity.

My daughter was born last year and she is still underweight.

She has been born premature, so I cannot even afford her to have the medical care that I need.

So we are struggling to make ends meet and have been unable to buy food for our family, and we are now going to have to look for a job in Dubai so that our daughter can have the best life possible.

For me, this is just a small part of my daily life.

I had a chance to work for a living last year in Dubai because I was a member of the Indian team at a company that builds and installs robots in India.

I worked for a company called Suresh Automation, which builds and supports robotic solutions for manufacturing companies.

The Sureshar team works with companies in India, but they also build robots that are used for human interaction.

And when they build robots for a customer, they build the robots in the UK, which means they are the ones who actually use the robots to interact with the customer.

And so the Sureshak team worked with Tata Motors to build a robot to build its own autonomous cars, which are used to drive its autonomous cars on highways.

But, I had an opportunity to work with a robot company, and to build my own robot.

It was a very exciting project.

And I was able to work from home, because my husband was working in Dubai for a very long time, so when he was not able, we could live with the family and do our business, but the work was very much on the weekends.

So that’s why I am still working.

But now, my family is not able have that, because I am unable to pay my bills, pay for my daughter’s medical care, and pay for rent and food.

And now I have this financial situation that is completely out of control.

I can’t afford to keep my daughter with me, I cannot afford food.

I cannot pay the rent.

I just want to work so that I can have a decent future.

I want to go to university and I want my daughter to go for college.

But I have a lot of work to do.

And as a result, I feel very sad.

I hope that I will not have to leave this family anymore, but this is my only option.

And if I have nothing, I can never really be happy.

For a lot, I want a better future, and a job that I have dreamed of for so long.