How to install a german Kitchen Appliance in a Home

I have always wanted to build my own kitchen appliances but never had the time.

Then I stumbled across a German kitchen appliance blog.

The kitchen appliance makers blog was a real treat and I decided to learn more about how to build an appliance and install it.

I was able to build a Kitchen Appliances cabinet in under an hour using only my kitchen tools.

I wanted to know more about the building process and how to get the job done.

After much research and research I ended up finding a post that talks about the construction process.

The video below shows how to install an air conditioning unit, an electric kettle, and a refrigerator in a single night.

It is great for those who don’t have the time to build their own appliances but are still looking for a hobby to build.

I hope this video will help you build the right appliance for your home. Enjoy!