When Apple Pay goes mainstream, here’s what you need to know

The smartphone and tablet giant has rolled out a mobile payment platform for use in India.

Apple Pay, Apple’s new mobile payments system, has been rolled out across several countries including the United States and Japan.

Apple’s first mobile payments service is expected to be rolled out globally in a couple of weeks, with India as the first country to be given an early peek at its rollout.

In India, Apple Pay can be used to make payments to more than 20 banks, as well as ATMs and shops.

Apple Pay is available in India’s more than 40,000 ATMs, with Apple Pay cards already available at over 20,000 outlets across the country.

Users can also use Apple Pay to pay for a range of services, including gas, groceries, and internet, with the app’s app launching in about 150 countries worldwide.

Apple says it plans to roll out Apple Pay across more than 150 countries in the next year.

“With over 70 million customers globally, Apple is the world’s leading smartphone and payment company,” Apple said in a statement.

“Our customers across the globe rely on Apple Pay as a means of payment, and we want to make it even easier to get and use their Apple Pay credit and debit cards across their favourite apps and devices.”

Apple Pay can also be used with mobile wallets, as seen in the above screenshot, where users can swipe to make a purchase and store their Apple Cash or Apple Pay card on the device.

Apple said that its customers also use its apps to access the Apple Store, iPhoto, and Maps, with a focus on India.

“Apple Pay has a rich set of features that make it the perfect mobile payment solution for India, where nearly 90% of people have access to mobile wallets and mobile wallets can easily integrate with Apple Watch and Apple Pay,” Apple added.

“The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are available in nearly 40 countries around the world, including India, and Apple is expanding to more.”

Apple also has a partnership with Reliance Jio that lets customers use Apple Cash and Apple Watch Pay to buy and pay for their mobile devices.

Apple says it has “substantial” support from Reliance on Apple’s mobile payment app, Apple Watch, and on Reliance’s Jio-based Paytm mobile payments app.

Reliance also supports Apple Pay and Apple Wallet in India through its Jio app.

Apple has also partnered with Reliant Jio, Apple, Jio and Reliance Bank to offer Apple Pay in the country through Jio’s mobile payments platform, Apple Wallet, and Reliant Pay.

Apple also partnered up with Relio for a special offer on its Paytm app.

Reliance JIO has more than 4 million customers, and more than 1 million Apple Pay customers in India, according to the company.

Reliant Bank has more 4.2 million users and 1.1 million Apple Watch customers.

Reliabut bank is a joint venture between Reliance Industries Ltd, Reliance Group Ltd, and Bharti Airtel Ltd.