Five new gadgets for your European Kitchen

Five new kitchen appliances have arrived on eBay this week, which will make the lives of those living in the Europeans living rooms a bit easier.

The kitchen appliances come from a number of European brands including Mickey Kitchen, Bosch and Belkin, and have been added to the catalogue of the website eBay UK.

In addition to the kitchen appliances from each brand, the site also has a collection of kitchen gadgets from other countries.

These include a few dishes from the German kitchen, as well as a few of the kitchen gadgets that were included in the German edition of the Dutch-Belgian cookbook.

The new kitchen gadgets include a Mickey-inspired stovetop, a new Bosch-made gas range, a Microwave-controlled oven, and a Micropower-controlled kitchen sink.

The new kitchen accessories are listed for £1,999, but the seller is also offering a special offer on the new appliances for £2,599.