Amazon’s kitchen appliances are now more popular than its electric car, according to new ratings

Industry analysts at IHS predict that electric car sales are set to surpass the number of appliances used in industrial kitchens.

In its annual report to the Securities and Exchange Commission, Amazon said that electric cars were still on a declining trend and that it was focusing more on its industrial kitchen appliance ratings than its gas and diesel appliances.

The company said that its industrial appliances were the most popular among consumers in 2016, ahead of gas and electric.

Amazon also said that the number three most popular appliance category on its site in 2016 was the electric electric oven, ahead, in third place, the microwave.

The average price of a microwave was $299.

Amazon said that it is “actively looking at” adding a third category to its ratings system, a category that will allow the company to see what consumers are buying with their appliances.

It will also allow it to track how many appliances are used in each household.

Amazon is also launching a “Kitchen” tab on its home page in 2016 that will give consumers a quick view of what products they are purchasing, what appliances are on the stove, what cooking utensils they have and how many they have used.

The app is expected to be available to consumers in 2018.

In addition to the electric oven and microwave, Amazon is adding the microwave oven, a microwave sink and the cooktop stove, among other items.

Amazon is also making a new appliance, the “electric mixer,” which will replace its existing oven.

The mixer is expected in 2018 for $199.