German kitchen appliances to be replaced by lighter models

German authorities are looking to replace nearly two-thirds of the world’s light-weight kitchen appliance manufacturers, including many brands in the United States, according to a government report.

German Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann told the state-run broadcaster ZDF that the government will look at what other options are available for manufacturers to make their appliances lighter and safer, The Associated Press reported.

More:The report also said that the cost of replacing most of the German appliances is expected to reach €2.2 billion ($2.7 billion) per year by 2021.

Germany, which is currently under pressure from its biggest energy company, E.ON, to cut back on emissions by up to 80 percent, is looking to diversify its energy supplies in a bid to become more energy independent and help offset the costs of the global economic crisis.

The report noted that the average energy bill in Germany was about $1,800 in 2017, the latest year for which figures were available.

The government aims to reduce energy consumption by 10 percent by 2020.

Germany’s top three appliance makers, Alliant Techsystems, LPG-E and Bosch, make some of the countrys largest appliances and consume most of its power.

The report said the makers are currently the most heavily subsidized among the manufacturers.