Which kitchen appliances are most common in Canada?

The Globe and Mail has compiled a list of the most common kitchen appliances in Canada.

It is based on responses from a survey of more than 3,000 Canadians, and includes kitchen appliances such as stoves, microwave ovens, stoves and stoves/stove/stoves/baskets, washing machines, dishwashers and dishwasher/dryer units.

Here are the top 10, ranked by popularity.1.

Kitchen Stove/Stove/Baskets – 3,846Kitchen Stoves are used in many kitchens, including the dining room, living room, kitchen, living and study rooms, and other areas.

They can also be used to heat or cool the kitchen.

Kitchen stoves are most commonly used in the living room and dining room.2.

Dishwashers/Dishwashers – 3.7 Kitchen Dishwashes are used for cooking and preparing foods.3.

Dishwasher – 3 Dishwasher cycles are used to wash and clean dishes.4.

Electric stoves – 3 Electric staves are used by many families to heat and cool the home.

They are also popular with students and the elderly.5.

Electric Laundry Stove – 2,894Laundry stoves make up most of Canada’s domestic use, and are used extensively for cleaning.

They include the laundry room, the kitchen, the living and school room, and in the bedroom and bathroom.6.

Electric Hot Tub – 2.8 Hot tubs are used primarily for laundry.

They come in different sizes, such as a single bathtub, and include a dishwasher and dishwasher/dryers.7.

Garbage Can – 1,838Cans are often used for recycling, with a large portion of CanadaĆ­s garbage.8.

Dining Room Stove and Barbecue Stove are common household items used in restaurants.

They have also been used for catering and other purposes.9.

Kitchen Pantry – 1.8Kitchen pantries are a staple for many families.

They also come in many different sizes and shapes.10.

Kitchen Appliances – 1 Kitchen appliances are used as a mainstay in many homes, as well as in the home for cooking.

They range from ovens and stove/basket cookers, to electric stoves used to boil water, to dishwashes.