How to buy a home in California’s Golden State, but without the air conditioning

In California, it’s all about the air conditioner.

A new law passed by the state Legislature allows homebuyers to purchase the cheapest air conditioners that fit into their existing space.

The law also lets homeowners take advantage of a rebate program that lowers the price of air condition and heating equipment in the state.

But the bill that passed the state Assembly on Tuesday, which calls for a rebate for those purchasing a new home, is still just one of several bills being considered in the legislature.

Here are some of the others that are expected to pass:SB 2470 requires California residents to purchase a home energy-efficient heating system.

It also allows owners of homes built before December 2020 to purchase up to a total of 15 months of energy-saving equipment.

It does not, however, allow homeowners to buy the appliances that are included in the system, such as air condition or hot water heaters.

In California, there are some exceptions to the law that make it possible for homebuyer to purchase an appliance.

Homebuyers can get the energy-efficiency system, but they must pay a $1,500 rebate for the energy savings, according to the Los Angeles Times.

SB 2470 also allows homeowners to purchase energy-cutting appliances, including a water heater, for a total cost of $600.

It’s unclear whether the new bill will pass, however.

The state House passed SB 2480 on Monday with an amendment, which allows anyone over the age of 18 to purchase or lease energy-free home appliances.

The Senate voted 19-0 on the bill Tuesday, but has yet to take up the amendment.

It has not yet been voted on by the full Assembly.