Why did Walmart remove the $9.99 Amazon HomeKit speaker from its shelves?

Walmart is trying to put a stop to the Amazon Homekit speaker, and now that it’s done it’s trying to get rid of all of its $9-a-month accessories.

The Amazon HomePod has been around since the fall of 2017, and it’s been selling for $99 since then.

The speaker features a six-channel wireless speaker with an audio output of up to 32 watts and an output impedance of 1.5Ω.

The Amazon HomeRadio module is an HDMI receiver that plugs into a hub that also hosts a microphone and a USB port.

The HomeKit accessory, which Walmart announced in April, is designed to act as a remote control for Amazon’s Alexa device, a voice-activated assistant that can answer questions and answer questions with an interface similar to Google Home.

The Alexa-powered device has been available since September 2018, but it was recently removed from Amazon’s site, along with its $129 Echo Dot speaker.

Walmart did not immediately respond to Ars’ request for comment.

Amazon is trying hard to make its HomeKit accessories more affordable, but the company has also said that it does not expect the HomePod’s price to be a barrier to buying one.

“We are focused on making the HomeKit ecosystem even more accessible to our customers,” a Walmart spokesperson said in a statement to Ars.

“We are still making improvements and we are continuing to evaluate the HomePort and HomeKit products in our stores.

For those of you who purchased your HomeKit product in the U.S., you may have received an email from Walmart to update your product information, which will help us identify the products that are still being offered.

We will continue to offer you the best HomeKit and HomePort products at our stores.”

Walmart also did not respond to our request for an explanation of the reasoning behind its decision to pull the HomeProducts from its stores.

Amazon did not make it clear why it’s removing the HomeWorksets.